March 5, 2015

An Opportunity Gone

Most everyone at work is aware of the unique situation we are in for wanting more children.
This helps a bit as for such a small office we oddly have a ton of people who were adopted and have adopted children.

A manager approached me the other day with a situation with an employee who is scared and needed information on adopting out her soon to be born baby.

I felt my heart leap at the thought of getting a baby before we had applied for adoption, started saving for adoption, or were even ready (as we just moved into the in-laws and the crib is WAY back in the storage unit).

But deep down I know we're not ready- Cabe is still in school full time and I still work full time.
Not the best position to be in when we'd be putting the baby straight into being babysat (by family thank goodness but still) every day.

So although we can't adopt at this time- I still feel a small loss and a bit of hope for the family who does get this baby.

Someday we will have more children.  Just not this one.

February 23, 2015

Yoga. Again

I did Yoga for a second time.
After not liking it the first time (the stretch was great but the whole send bad thoughts to the earth is NOT my thing) I decided to try a different teacher.
I liked her!  Did more of a stretch, less weird verbiage, and it was more relaxing.

But I still want to try to really intense yoga on my off days from the XPress Toning Class (that kicks. my. butt.).

February 13, 2015


So before our early Valentine's Date last Saturday I took some funny pictures, trying to get LT to laugh at me.  Winnie the Pooh was on- mom not as cool during that time.

But anyway I instagram'd this photo:
Then I realized my middle photo looks a lot like a photo I put as my profile picture about 7 years ago as a joke of Amy Adams.
Boom- my Doppleganger!

Anybody else see it or just me?

I'll get around to posting pictures of our fantastic picture probably on Monday- Presidents Day which means schools are out and I can finally catch up at work without band/choral directors calling all day!

Happy long weekend to the rest of you lucky people (aka Cabe)

The Romantic

Cabe is a romantic.
Um... not.

His proposal was super sweet and a surprise (how it was done, not that that he was going to).

But other than that...  Love him!

Our first Anniversary- he forgot.  Granted he was in the middle of finals and got home late.
But not even a card.

I asked him yesterday- I know we did our Valentine's early but are we still doing cards or something on Saturday?
His response- I thought about it but it's probably too late to do anything now.

Love him to death but the boy has almost no romance or spontaneity in him.

February 10, 2015

I went to the Gym to buy me a Nice Body

Sorta like- I wrote to the zoo to send me a pet.. Obviously a popular book at our house right now.

I started going to the gym at work two and a half weeks ago.
They offer a very intense toning class on Tuesdays and Thursday for a half hour, right at lunch time.

Lucinda, a pal from work, is awesome to go with me every time.
It's made my energy really increase over the last two weeks and I love it!

We were going to do Yoga on MWF but it's either a relaxing stretch class (which I did once and was weirded out) or an hour long intense Yoga class which I don't have time for.  So we'll do cardio on those days instead.

But so far- no change in my weight or inches anywhere.  I know it takes time but I wanted a difference faster! :)

My diet has been much better too-
breakfast is usually yogurt with protein granola.
Lunch is usually either a salad loaded with beans, beets, and an egg.
An apple on the drive home.
Dinner is whatever we have at home cause I am weak-sauce at home.

Seriously, I have to make something Little Turbo will eat too. So it's usually sandwiches, some sort of pasta, pizza, or Cabe and I make something different and get LT a quesadilla.  At least LT is finally eating solid food at every meal- just not a wide variety and we have to remind him to take bites cause he isn't paying attention.  Silly kid.

So I'm at about 150 pounds.
Want to be at about 130 by the end of the year.
We have 10 1/2 months left.
That's only about 2 pounds a month.
I can do it!

I went on a bike ride from our place to my parents last Saturday.
Then we went ice skating that night.

And why doesn't My Fitness Pal include swinging your kids on the swing as a workout?
I was doing under-dog like crazy and I was getting a workout! :)

10:45am.  Work is busy.  I'm busy.  Nothing slows down!

*as a side note since it's a huge issue with LDS women and transforming their bodies- I will not EVER post a picture of my torso without covering my stomach.  I'll show pictures of me in a full swimsuit (only if at the pool/beach) or maybe show how big my clothes have gotten on me.  I am very strict since starting to wear the sacred garment (more than I ever thought I'd be) and want to be an example to the youth around me as modest.

January 15, 2015


In our in-laws basement is a nice size family room that isn't used very often.
So Cabe and I decided we need to start using it to workout.

Went to Ross last night, got a gym mat for $10 that ALMOST fits both of us.
And LT decided it was awesome to take apart.

Put him in bed, now mom and dad can use it!

We went onto Amazon Prime and I typed in Pilate's and we did the first one we found.
I don't feel too sore today for it being my first time.
But man the stretching in those shows feels AMAZING.

And I've been doing all 5 flights of stairs at work 3 times in a row.
Then a walk around the buildings (probably just about 2/3 mile).

Now I need to just incorporate weights and I should hopefully see a difference in my body, right?

But it was fun to workout with him.  Fun to listen to who grunts the most at which exercise. :)

January 6, 2015

What I Should Have Resolved

For the new year a lot of my resolutions have been self improvement- 
eating healthier, moving more, spiritual study, taking more time to play with LT and Cabe.

What I should have resolved to do-
be more careful.

I have always been accident prone.
My first stitched at 9 months- split my lip open.
Next stitches- 6 years old, jumped off the couch and split my back open on an ice cream bowl (missed the first day of 1st grade for that one cause I couldn't wear real clothing).
I've cut my head open at work, many tiny scars from many good and not so good stories, and on.

So far this year- HUGE bruise on my arm from the dryer door and now today at work- stabbed my palm with a knife while cutting an apple in my attempt to eat healthier.

Take it as a sign to not eat healthier? :)

But in all these resolutions of shoulda done and did done did- I really just want to be happier and let some things go.

Moving into the in laws has taught me how to let some messes go- our place is CRAMPED and with a two year old and a 28-going-on-13 year old I just have to relax a bit more or we'll all go nuts.

So here's to a better year of relaxing, being calm, and trying to be a better person for myself and my family.