February 4, 2016

A Name

"What's in a name?"

I have MANY friends who are pregnant right now or have just had babies.

Some pick very "Utah" names so they're different, some pick very popular names, and a few pick older names or family names.

I have always wanted boys- boys names come easily to me.
Girl names- there's a couple family names I'd consider but otherwise I don't like them :)
Heck, I didn't even like my own first name until a few years ago when I finally gave in.

I've always loved family names- the thought of making a grandpa/grandma so happy that we used one of their names makes me happy.  I like traditions and a child to know where their name came from.

*side note- my mom said she got my name from a friend she grew up with.  Her name was Patricia but she always wished it had been just Trisha.  No special story, just something that stuck with her.  Oh and until I came out as a girl I was definitely a boy to my parents and my name was Robert Scott. 

With our first child we knew we wanted him to have daddy's first name as a middle name.
But the first name we chose to go with it was just something that popped in my head in church.

But in thinking about new children we've really been discussing what names are left- there are tons on my side but his side already has tons of boys so a lot have been used.

But this morning my great-grandpa's name popped in my head and I really like it.
Arthur.  I know it's very old fashioned but can you imagine a little tow-headed boy  being called Artie?  So cute!

I love hearing stories of how people got their names.
Do any of you have fun stories of how you got your name or named your children?

January 15, 2016

Being Positive Because There is No Other Choice

Another curveball has been thrown our way- Cabe is at max credits for receiving financial aid in school.

So while we are appealing, which takes 30 days, we have to pay tuition this semester which is $3100.  for 9 credits!  Highway Robbery they say....  So that wipes out a good portion of our savings plus the paycheck that just came in today.

We may have to live with my in-laws for the rest of our lives.

But hey- at least we don't have rent right now so that we can afford to pay the tuition.
I have a very happy 3 year old who is talking my ear off with fun stories.
We are trying very hard to budget so we can eat healthier and pay off student loans sooner (which is our ONLY debt thank goodness).

I have to find the positive right now cause that is my only option to survive! :)

December 31, 2015

To be Blessed and Tried

2015 was a really good year until about 2 weeks ago and now it's been a rough year that has challenged me.

Cabe had 3 semesters left after the fall- we were so excited for him to possibly do an internship this summer, me take a leave from work and being a SAHM for 3 months, then 2 more semesters of just projects until graduation.

He didn't pass one class- the one that's only offered once a year.  So we are now setback 2 extra semesters.  I was not prepared for the onslaught of feelings about this and knowing now I'll be almost 36 when he graduates.

So the last 2 weeks has been a real challenge for us in trying to be patient while we're discouraged and disappointed.

But we're trying to stay positive, trying to decide what to do with having another child, whether to stay living with his parents and basically have most students loans paid off when he graduates or move out and get our own place to have some privacy and be "adults."

The rest of 2015 was so fun- Little Turbo has learned so much and honestly I think 3 is my favorite age (especially when they repeat what you tell them to!)

In reverse order for the year (no Christmas photos as I filmed most of it):

Sledding for the first time!

Frosting cookies

The HUGE ticket I made to Star Wars for Cabe cause he was making me go.
Then I ended up loving it.  

The tree of life in Draper, UT with Grandpa

he never cares a lot about Santa when he sits with him- just chill

5th Wedding Anniversary

I won 1st place in the costume contest at work

Cabe's first big deer!

Family vaca in Park City, UT

Conference weekend, counting cars

A bad lapse in judgement on Cabe's part :)

All 4 cousins!

Someone turned 3!  He's so tall!

Hogle Zoo on his birthday

Obsessed with the cuff I cut off my pants- it's a rockin' headband!

Memorial Day with cousin

Hail in May!

became obsessed with boats

Hike in Snow Canyon

mother's day in nursery

boat ride in Chicago

The "old house" at the ranch

easter egg dying

hanging with mama at the mouth of Emigration Canyon

Doing what a man does (when his wife tells him too)

late 4th anniversary/Valentines date

So overall it's been a very fun and busy 2015

Here's to hoping 2016 is even more fun and definitely more on track :)

November 30, 2015

Our Christmas Tree

Last year we moved the weekend before Thanksgiving into my in-laws basement.
They allowed us to decorate the basement family room with our Christmas things which has normally been the room for them Christmas Eve with all the grandkids.  Thank goodness they are banned while we live there for Christmas time! :)

But with the move, putting 90% of our things in storage, we somehow couldn't find most of our Christmas decor.  Mostly the personal ornaments which was devastating to me.

BUT!  We found everything this year and got it decorated right.  And LT is loving it and keeps asking for us to turn on the lights.

Sorry for the poor quality picture- very poor lighting in the basement and the good cameras have all sorta broken over the last year or so.

But we're excited to have it all up!
I love that the star we bought last year for the top of the tree was the same start used on a Melissa and Joey episode as her family heirloom.
HA!  Totally bought it at Hobby Lobby :)

Another Random Monday

After a long weekend and never taking enough pictures... Happy late Thanksgiving!
We spent the morning relaxing as both families would not give us food assignments.
But then we had to go to both houses still- so a busy afternoon but it was fun!  No drama which was great. :)

Who was your last text from? little brother Claydo

What is your current mood? Relaxed & happy. 

What's your dad's name? Daddeo

If you could go back in time and change something, would you? a couple things, mostly not

Do you have a crazy side? of course

Angry at anyone? Nope. Though I am sure someone is angry with me...

Do you wanna see somebody right now? I would love to be home with my boys

What's your mother's name? Mom

When was the last time you cried? when I fell in the tub and hit my hip on the faucet.  That bruise took a month to go away!

Who would you do anything for? Family

Who is your hero?  My hubby

Do you still watch kid movies or TV shows? Yes, Girl Meets World being one of them. Come on, it's Cory and Topanga!

What are you eating or drinking at the moment? Raspberry spinach protein shake.

Have you ever lost a friend? yes.  It still hurts sometimes

If you could have one wish come true what would it be? to be in our own place, not hiding in a basement :)

Describe your life in one word. Blessed. 

Do you like the rain? Love it.  Need to move somewhere less deserty

What are you thinking about right now? finishing my shake.  Sigh

What should you be doing right now?  Calling directors who won't call me back

Who's your last call from? Javonte.  He goes by Jay

What are you listening to? Judy talking about some college bowl game thing

Who was the last person you told "I love you" to? My Little Turbo man

Who was the last person you yelled at? that dumb dog

What is your eye color? no clue.  Blue/green/gray/tan... No idea

Who was the last person to make you smile? my baby when he said "My feets is cold!"

Is there one person you can tell anything to? the hubby though he probably wishes I didn't share EVERYTHING :)

Last movie you saw in theaters? The new James Bond

Favorite store you like to shop at? Target, duh

Where do you want to live? Arizona, Oregon, Texas...

Have you changed much since high school? SO much.  I was so quiet in high school but now you can't shut me up.  Thank you Psych professor at SLCC who told me I am not the type to be timid

Have you ever slapped anyone? not on purpose

What are you watching? When Calls the Heart

Who do you look up to? My dad.  He works hard

Favorite author? Right now I do love Heather Horrocks

What will win your heart over? Someone helping me clean.  I love cleaning so if someone helps with what I love... Aw! :)

And that is it for today.  I should work.  And drink my thick shake.

November 22, 2015

Lets Break Up

I call you MISTER IUD because it has to be a man.
What woman would do this to another woman?

So lets break up Mr IUD
You cause me to have 7 days a months where I'm anemic, wearing older underwear, praying my sheets stay clean, and costing me a ton of money with at least one box of tampons each time.

So lets break up Mr IUD
you don't have hormones which I am so thankful for- those made me have panic attacks and feel depressed.  But I almost would rather be (not really) depressed than dizzy from loss of blood.

So lets break up Mr IUD
Sometimes you cause me to miss work because I have to either run home for new pants or go to look for new pants at a store only to discover I am bloated so pant shopping sucks so I got waddling back to work praying my shirt is long enough to cover things up

So lets break up Mr IUD
I hate taking pills and I'm going through a lot more Ibuprofen than ever in my life.  And that's just not good!  It hurts so much.

So lets break up Mr IUD
I used to be able to use a heat pack to help with some of the pain but now I am CONSTANTLY WARM.  Not sure if that is your fault or just my genes (mom has always been warm) but when I'm trying to grow out my hair you make me wanna shave it off for hope of feeling a breeze

Mr IUD I'm sure after this horrible DTR (determine the relationship) where I didn't give you a chance to actually determine this relationship- you probably want to break up with me too.

So lets just agree to disagree and go our separate ways in life.
You helped me during this time to guarantee 100% that I didn't get pregnant even with your pharmaceutical guarantee of 99.8% (because not getting pregnant is in fact 100%).
You helped me not have awful hormones which cause my fibroid tumor to go crazy and hurt.  I'm pretty sure that helped it shrink but we'll find out on the day we officially break up (2 1/2 weeks until my doctor appointment).

So thanks but no thanks for the memories and the times.  Not many of which were good but I appreciate it all just the same for teaching me.  You were always there for me even if I didn't want you there.  So long and good riddance!

*This is not an announcement that we're "trying" or anything.  Just looking at other options to make me happier 

November 9, 2015

My Baby

No this is not an announcement. :)
Just something fun I saw a friend post the other day on Facebook and in light of all the friends I have who struggle with infertility I didn't want to post it where they might get offended.

1. Was your first pregnancy planned?   Yes, miscarried, then full term planned as well (will refer to 2nd)
2. Were you married?  Yes
3. What was your reaction to finding out?  Not shock but more sweet- I can scare the hubby when he wakes up
4. Were you induced?   I went into labor on my own (water breaking 6am) but then TONS of pitocin later and.... c section
5. How old were you?  28
6. Who did you first tell?   Jen at work guessed when I came in!  Cabe hadn't even seen the surprise I left him yet.
7. How did you find out?   I was SO mean the night before so decided to take one when I woke up
8. Did you want to find out the sex?  Yes
9. Due Date?  July 5
10. Did you deliver early or late?    Late
11. Did you have morning sickness?  only a little nauseous
12. What did you crave?   LIME everything lime
13. How many pounds did you gain from your pregnancy?   I think about 30
14. What was the sex of the baby?   Male
15. Did you have any complications during labor?  not really
16. Where did you give birth?  At a University hospital.  NEVER AGAIN
17. How many hours were you in labor?   37
18. How much did your baby weigh?  9 pounds
19. What did you name him/her?   Little Turbo 
20. How old is your first born today?  He's a mighty tough 3 year old