September 12, 2014

Getting Younger Again

I had heard that once you hit 30 years old you start going backward in age again.
Therefore I am 29 and will be 28 next week.
Which means I will finally be the same age as my husband when his birthday comes in a couple months!

So my birthday is next week.
It used to be my favorite day of the year- fall starting, cooler weather, it just felt fresh and fun when there are no other holidays around.

Growing up we always did my birthday up one of the canyons- leaves changing, a small hike, good food, and just simple.  My love language is not presents- just being around people and knowing they helped plan and come is my favorite.

So I am hoping this year we can do that again- just make it all about the family getting together, up the canyon, and having some good BBQ and s'mores.

And of course getting my buy one/get one free coupon from Tucanos to go to lunch with Cabe.  SOOO GOOD.  Brazilian lemonade with guava added, deep fried bananas (which I am slightly allergic to but can't resist), on and on.

So though I may not enjoy getting older I really enjoy my birthday, being around people, and the FOOD.

And the fact that this year Little Turbo's favorite song is Happy Birthday.  It's the song he chose last night to sing before bed.  Love that little guy!

August 29, 2014

An Embarrassment

Life has been busy since we moved back into our old home (lived there first month of marriage, moved to student housing for about a year, then to an Uncle's rental basement for 6 months, then back to our condo).

And I am normally very very clean.
But life got busier with a child, Cabe in school full time and not working anymore, my new job that I travel with, on and on.

Apparently the one thing I let slide in the house was deep cleaning the shower.
So one Saturday morning I couldn't take it anymore.

Gross right?  This was the worst corner so it's my example.

Scrubbed this baby to death with a hard bristled brush and my cleaning solution:
vinegar and dawn soap.
So this is the after shot of scrubbing- TONS better but still those nasty spots of mold.
(awfully blurry but on phone camera)

Everyone has been pinning this one from Pinterest.
Take some of that cotton from doing perms, soak it in bleach, and put along the edges.

I forgot gloves and didn't have any.
So I used a plastic spoon to lift it out of the bleach and push it into the edges.
Then I turned on the bathroom fan, a fan at the door, and we went out and did errands.

When we got home that night I used the spoon to lift away the cotton and it was SO white!
Still needs one more touch up but I am loving the cleaner shower.

And have become obsessive with using a squeegee to get the excess water off the walls and door.

So there you have it- my embarrassing before and after.

August 21, 2014


We finally heard from Cabe's doctor's- we received great news!

His kidney looks great (they were worried his anti-rejection meds were hurting it), his liver looks good (no signs of rejection) but there are some fatty deposits on it.

So no new medication for the liver, just some high blood pressure meds (which can be normal for transplant patients) and we're going on a strict diet- again.
But this time we know we have to stick with it.

You can see his blog post about it here- Finding My Story.

So we're relieved, thankful, and and excited for the great news!
A little hike we did the other night up Albion Basin.  GORGEOUS!

August 13, 2014

Support Them Gals!

I had a baby two years ago.
Though I wasn't in the greatest shape before I became pregnant (135 pounds at 5'2") I was still able to find a decent swimsuit despite my large chest.

Come baby, nursing, working full time, and I haven't taken the time to get back into a healthy body style.

Two years post baby I am about 145-150 pounds, the chest ain't what she used to be (still larger, just not as perky) and I couldn't find a swimsuit to support me and not make me look like a beached whale or still pregnant.

I gave the excuses- no time to work out, my fibroid pushes my stomach out (it does a little but I could still stand to lose some "softness" around the middle), and the good supportive swimsuits were way too $$$.

I saw a post on pinterest from a blog about a women with a similar problem- mostly needing the support in the chest area.

She took a tube top tankini and sewed it onto a sports bra.
Simple right?  Almost genius.
Thank you Cutesy Crafts!

I figure there are always tons of tube top tankinis on clearance towards the end of summer.
So it could be cheap!

So I looked at a few stores (mostly Target) for a couple weeks looking for just the right one that fit, wouldn't look weird or too low on the chest once sewn on, and could have a cute simple bottom mixed-and-matched.

I found a white sports bra that fit (decided on white cause I think I have too much black in my wardrobe.  And a colored bra could make it harder to match to a swimsuit).

Grabbed a couple tops, tried them on, and the one that I was least disgusted by (swimwear is up there with bra trying on.  Just never fun!) I bought.
And got a SUPER cute bottom to go with it that matched just enough to make it more different.
(Stole from Target's website for the pic since none of you want to see me bum in it. )

My first thoughts- I can't have the chest strap going over the sports bra.
So I sewed the top of it in place so it wouldn't slide out.

Then CUT them off.

And genius idea- take the remaining strap pieces and sew them on the sports bra to make it match!

I used just basic white thread and STRETCHED the string and bra as I went, so when I wear it, it would have some give.
I guess I could have done stretchy thread but it was 9:30pm and I wanted that swimsuit done!

I tried to just guess where the swimsuit would meet on the bra and pinned it in place.
Then I tried it on- horrendous.
So then I had the Cabe unpin it while I was wearing both and then I just pinned it while wearing it.
Not the funnest thing but it worked.

While wearing it I looked it in the mirror to see where it sat on my back.
Then I had to use my insane photographic memory (ha, right!) and when it was off, tried to pin in those same places.

And I did the same thing with sewing- basic white thread, STRETCHING the fabric as I went so it has some give.

I only sewed where the swimtop met the bra- I did not sew the bottom part of the bra into the swimsuit cause I wanted the swimsuit to be a bit more flowing there and be more forgiving of the middle section. :)

So there you have it- two lines of sewing, no pattern, and it fits great.

Now I just need to go swimming with the boys tonight!

August 8, 2014

Human Too

I have "Rude" in my head.  Good song.

We had a blast at Trina's work party last night.
We went last year (just little turbo and me cause Cabe was out hunting) and Little Turbo loved it much more this year:
-he could grab the ducks from the carnival game and win a prize by himself
-he could get out of the stroller
-mommy didn't lock the keys in the car when he was hungry
-daddy came and daddy is cool

These are from a photobooth- which apparently is not fun with a 2 year old.
And made the adults arms look HUGE.  Wish it was buff huge for me like Cabe.

This one was great as it worked well with the sign

This one- not so much as Little Turbo just wanted to comb my hair (his latest thing)

This one was great... We had a cool pose all done then realized it hadn't taken the pic.
That's why we look confused.  Nice eh? 

Cabe took a couple of Little Turbo eating a snowcone (I'll have to grab those later).

But it's a fun carnival themed summer party and I am always so grateful she invites us!

In other news...
Cabe had his MRI yesterday on his kidney to make sure everything is functioning okay.
After 6 tries for the IV he was fully stressed and not happy.
But that part is over.

Next week he is doing more blood work and will have his liver biopsy on Wednesday.
So while we are a bit stressed, hoping everything is okay, we are also more stressed at the possibility of moving again to save money to afford any medical things that may come of this.
Worse case- kidney transplant
We'll handle it case- new meds that will be $$$
Best case- everything is fine and he goes off his meds!

So while life is always throwing us something new we're doing okay.
School starts for Cabe in a couple weeks, my work kicks off a new season next week, and Little Turbo is about ready for a big boy bed (already almost too long for his toddler bed!).

August 6, 2014

Crawl Into a Box

We are going to be living amongst boxes.  Again.  The fourth move in our 3 1/2 years of marriage.
And I just may crawl into a box and hide.

I love moving but this time is going to be rough for me.
Lots of doctor appointments for Cabe over the next few weeks, settling into a new place ASAP so we can be ready for when school starts for him.  Just a bit much for me right now!

So I may either complain, talk positive, or not write at all for a couple weeks.