September 1, 2015

A Good Day

Has anyone ever seen the Russell Crow Movie- A Good Year?
Not the biggest fan of his but I LOVE this movie.  It makes you want to travel and go to Italy, makes you want to be closer to a great Uncle in case they leave you something amazing, and just makes you think about your life and what could change to make it better.

I decided today is going to be a good day.

I put a bunch of positive quotes above my screen at work.  I'm trying to be positive, trying to find the light in everything, and trying to be an agreeable person.

I have a great job that supports my family.
I have two wonderful boys at home that greet me with a smile.
What is there to complain about?

August 31, 2015

Last Day of August

I love September- the changes in the air, my birthday, school stuff in the stores, and hiking amongst the changed leaves.

But seriously- how did it get to be the last day of August?
While Cabe is still in school full time and Little Turbo has to be with babysitters 9+ hours each weekday it is not entirely joyful to have the end of August here.

But I will stay positive and know we only have 4 semesters left of college to deal with- yea!

So here is a little recap of life since I've been a bit MIA:

What we're eating: lots of salads, grilled chicken, and TONS of veggie pasta.  As in the noodles are made of a veggie mixture.  Trying to get more veggies into Little Turbo is a challenge, especially since he's now 3 and still rarely will feed himself.  He just isn't excited about food.  however he loves drinks so I'm hoping to get smoothies in him!

What I'm reminiscing about: living in Logan at USU, playing with roommates (pulling our twin mattresses out onto the landing and serenading anyone who walked by), and having our own place.

What I'm loving: school stuff in the stores!  I have no reason to buy any of it since Cabe does most everything with e-books and online everything.  But I want to buy new markers (scented of course), colored pens, new notebooks, and a pencil case.  Can anyone say You've Got Mail?

What we've been up to: trying to keep the basement organized so we don't lose our minds in "stuff" but when you only have 2 bedrooms and a bathroom with no storage- stuff is usually just things you can't get rid of.
We've also been trying to go on more walks, much to Cabe's displeasure as "it's just too hot."

What I'm excited about: 4 more semesters of school!  Fall hiking, last few nights able to do s'mores, that our car is finally fixed (passenger side I got cut off at a gas station, driver side a neighbor hit it).

What we're watching/reading: Once Upon a Time season 4 is on Netflix now.  And trying to start doing FHE tonight with Little Turbo to start trying to get him to see a picture of Jesus and know it is Him instead of thinking it is Santa.  Oy ve...

What I am wearing: ha, maternity shirts!  NO I AM NOT PREGNANT.  However I have a large chest and friend showed me some maternity shirts don't have the big belly area but have bigger chest areas.  And can I say how much more COMFORTABLE I feel not having tight shirts?  Lovely.

What I'm looking forward to in September: cooler weather, TONS of hikes, being more diligent about eating healthier, and HOPEFULLY being done with potty training.  He's great at #1 during the day, still embarrased about #2, and nighttime is still wearing a diaper (cause I'm cheap and had tons of size 6 diapers left and didn't want to buy pull-ups when I have so many diapers left) but he's mostly dry in the morning now.

And to end with a cute picture of my boys at the recent fair at a local church:

August 5, 2015

Reading a Lot

I'm reading a lot of books on adoption right now, from the LDS perspective.
I probably shouldn't but I am.

And at work mostly- so everyone probably thinks I have allergies or a cold as I sniffle with tears in my eyes.

Our little guy is 3.
I'll be 33 in just over a month.

We've only been married almost 5 years but I see some of my friends married around the same time with 2 and almost 3 kids now.

I know our situation warrants patience as Cabe finishes school, we get our own place, and can afford either adoption or PGS.  But as I almost feel my eggs drying up, my energy from my 20's feeling so decent- I can't sometimes help but sit and think in my not-so-busy moments.

I think about my son and how he is going to be this amazing big brother- he already gets excited about babies, when able to get close he very gently touches their hair, and gives light kisses.  I let him hold his betrothed's little sister and he had this glow around him and was so sweet.

I think about what it will be like to adopt- if we adopt older children, will I hate that I missed out on milestones in their lives? Despite being there for more I want the desire to have seen their faces when they rode a bike the first time, got bounced on a trampoline, or even got their first skinned knee.

Then I think about adopting a baby, the wait it sometimes has, and the further patience it would require.

There are many ways to bring more children into our family, and not being a crying emotional person normally, I get so emotional now thinking about how it will enrich our lives even more.

I hear my friends say they didn't think they could love more children as much as the first, that there wasn't enough, but then they felt their love expand with each child.

I want to feel that.
I want to dry their tears, share their laughs, make them do homework and eat veggies.
I want to hear them complain about chores, stay out late with their friends and make their parents worry.
I want to see them play with their siblings, fight with their siblings, and sing annoying songs on road trips.

I know this is all coming in my life.  But right now it requires patience and enjoying my life right now.
I only hope those spirits waiting for me as their mom and Cabe as their dad know how hard we are working to make sure they know they will be loved.

July 27, 2015

Three Years

I didn't want it to happen but it did- he turned three.
As much fun as it is to see him grow, talk more, and become more of  a kid...  Mom wants to keep her baby a baby a bit longer!

July 16, 2015

Lesson Helps

I teach the 4 and 5 year olds at church and am quickly realizing those kids know how to walk all over me. So I'm trying to put a bit more thought into the lessons to help keep me sane and hopefully keep the kids from creating trains with the chairs while I desperately try to get them to stop (this last Sunday, LOTS of energy!).

So I am going to try and post my lesson helps on my other blog a few days before Sunday to keep track of what works, what didn't work, and what I have included to do as an activity.

Check it out if you want- it's not going to be full of pictures and fancy stuff but will link to documents if available.

Thank you!

June 23, 2015

A Support System

I have found myself feeling pretty down lately.
The news I was expecting but wasn't ready to hear from a medical professional was a bit devastating.

Then to compound it there are some bullies in my life  that have really brought me down.

Although it's been a struggle to ignore the rude and selfish comments I know I can rely on two people- my hubby and my son.

The moment I get home I have a giant toddler running up to me giggling like it's the coolest thing ever to see mom finally come home!

Then I have a husband who supports me no matter what.
He gets a little riled up sometimes in my defense and it's very *ahem* attractive.

I really appreciate all he does to be my support, my best friend, and my eternal companion.

I could not ask for two greater men in my life!

June 22, 2015

Random Monday

20 Random Facts About Me That You May/May Not Have Known:

  1. I'm 32 years old but claim to be 28 this year so I can be the same age as my hubby.  We're just over 4 years apart with me being the older sugar mama
  2. I was born in Sandy, UT as was my husband.  We lived maybe a half mile from each other but did not OFFICIALLY meet until I was 26, he was 22.  
  3. I am LDS, belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I am a Christian and have a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and the Restored Gospel.
  4. I’ve never smoked a cigarette/cigar in my life and the smell alone disgusts me.
  5. I don’t drink.  I have struggles with caffeine so why would I want to try anything stronger?
  6. I’ve never even tried an illegal drug in my life.  Again, with the caffeine thing- if I can't handle that why try anything else?
  7. When I do have caffeine I get anxiety/panic attacks.  Seeing Jurassic World last week with Cabe I drank some of his Cherry Coke (he usually only drinks that at movies, some sort of tradition).  The combination of a scary movie and the caffeine- I seriously thought I was dying.
  8. I used to love movies like Jurassic World but somewhere along the way after having Little Turbo I can't stand any bloody or violent movies.
  9. I graduated from Weber State University with a BS in Technical Sales. My program title no longer exists at the school.  It's now professional sales
  10. I worked at Old Navy right after high school for 5+ years.  LOVED it there but wanted a job that didn't require so many Sundays of working
  11. So I went into the only job I could think of that is closed on Sundays- banking.  5+ years of that and I just about lost my mind
  12. I now work in the travel industry, more specifically the largest student travel organization in the US.  I plan school trips to festivals that we run in Orlando and St Louis (we do many more but those are my assignments).  I love this job!
  13. While in college I went on a trip to Europe- not studying abroad but I did still get 9 credit hours for playing in Ireland, Scotland and England
  14. I fell in love with Scotland.  Spent most of my time in Edinburgh but LOVED it
  15. Cabe and I met at a singles ward for church when I heard his name and thought- hey, that was my friend from elementary school's li'l brother.  So I walked over, said hi. He text his sister later to ask if it'd be weird to ask out a girl her age.  He got her approval. :)
  16. Currently we live in his parents basement while trying to pay off student loans whilst Cabe is finishing his degree in Chemical Engineering.  It's not as rough as I thought it would be but the lack of space is hard
  17. I am potty training my 2 year old boy right now.  It has been the most eye opening experience into the lives of boys in the bathroom...
  18. I'm very conservative and fully believe in the right to bear arms.  Gun control is not going to prevent the idiots from getting a gun.  
  19. I have always wanted 5-6 kids.  I never wanted to be an older mom but it looks like that is what we'll have to do to get more (most likely through adoption/foster care).
  20. I am allergic to most fruits, some vegetables, and some spices.  However I am not allergic to sugar, deep fried things, and bread.  Therefore I am not as skinny as I'd like but I am happy
And there you have my random 20 on Monday.