November 22, 2015

Lets Break Up

I call you MISTER IUD because it has to be a man.
What woman would do this to another woman?

So lets break up Mr IUD
You cause me to have 7 days a months where I'm anemic, wearing older underwear, praying my sheets stay clean, and costing me a ton of money with at least one box of tampons each time.

So lets break up Mr IUD
you don't have hormones which I am so thankful for- those made me have panic attacks and feel depressed.  But I almost would rather be (not really) depressed than dizzy from loss of blood.

So lets break up Mr IUD
Sometimes you cause me to miss work because I have to either run home for new pants or go to look for new pants at a store only to discover I am bloated so pant shopping sucks so I got waddling back to work praying my shirt is long enough to cover things up

So lets break up Mr IUD
I hate taking pills and I'm going through a lot more Ibuprofen than ever in my life.  And that's just not good!  It hurts so much.

So lets break up Mr IUD
I used to be able to use a heat pack to help with some of the pain but now I am CONSTANTLY WARM.  Not sure if that is your fault or just my genes (mom has always been warm) but when I'm trying to grow out my hair you make me wanna shave it off for hope of feeling a breeze

Mr IUD I'm sure after this horrible DTR (determine the relationship) where I didn't give you a chance to actually determine this relationship- you probably want to break up with me too.

So lets just agree to disagree and go our separate ways in life.
You helped me during this time to guarantee 100% that I didn't get pregnant even with your pharmaceutical guarantee of 99.8% (because not getting pregnant is in fact 100%).
You helped me not have awful hormones which cause my fibroid tumor to go crazy and hurt.  I'm pretty sure that helped it shrink but we'll find out on the day we officially break up (2 1/2 weeks until my doctor appointment).

So thanks but no thanks for the memories and the times.  Not many of which were good but I appreciate it all just the same for teaching me.  You were always there for me even if I didn't want you there.  So long and good riddance!

*This is not an announcement that we're "trying" or anything.  Just looking at other options to make me happier 

November 9, 2015

My Baby

No this is not an announcement. :)
Just something fun I saw a friend post the other day on Facebook and in light of all the friends I have who struggle with infertility I didn't want to post it where they might get offended.

1. Was your first pregnancy planned?   Yes, miscarried, then full term planned as well (will refer to 2nd)
2. Were you married?  Yes
3. What was your reaction to finding out?  Not shock but more sweet- I can scare the hubby when he wakes up
4. Were you induced?   I went into labor on my own (water breaking 6am) but then TONS of pitocin later and.... c section
5. How old were you?  28
6. Who did you first tell?   Jen at work guessed when I came in!  Cabe hadn't even seen the surprise I left him yet.
7. How did you find out?   I was SO mean the night before so decided to take one when I woke up
8. Did you want to find out the sex?  Yes
9. Due Date?  July 5
10. Did you deliver early or late?    Late
11. Did you have morning sickness?  only a little nauseous
12. What did you crave?   LIME everything lime
13. How many pounds did you gain from your pregnancy?   I think about 30
14. What was the sex of the baby?   Male
15. Did you have any complications during labor?  not really
16. Where did you give birth?  At a University hospital.  NEVER AGAIN
17. How many hours were you in labor?   37
18. How much did your baby weigh?  9 pounds
19. What did you name him/her?   Little Turbo 
20. How old is your first born today?  He's a mighty tough 3 year old

November 3, 2015

There's a Hole in my Bucket

You know that ol' kiddy song "There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza dear Liza?"

That's how I feel right now.
When I was nursing Little Turbo the weight was coming off like crazy.  I got below my pre-pregnancy weight and even down to where I was when I got married (138 which is still high but I felt great).

Because the weight came off so easily with nursing, and not working out, I got lazy.
And here we are, 2 years later after finishing nursing and I have put all the weight back on and a bit more.

Someone just put their extra Halloween candy on my desk at work and I thought- eh, I won't eat that.
15 minutes later I look down and I ate all of it.

My solid bucket has a hole in it and I don't know how to fix it.

I'm reading a blog about an LDS woman and her husband on how they lost weight.
I love having the LDS perspective on it as it helps when religion is the base of everything you do.

But as I read this, and many more blogs, I think- but how do I stop eating the crap?
I'm great normally at work- a good healthy breakfast (usually a protein shake full of veggies/fruit or a breakfast burrito), a decently healthy lunch (usually the salad bar downstairs with tons of beans and protein) but when I get home (or apparently when someone puts candy in front of me) I lose all focus and just keep eating.

It's hard when you're trying to teach your 3 year old to eat ANYTHING since he's always been difficult to get to eat anything of solid form (he did declare last night that he loves pizza!) so you show him how to eat more.
When I should be showing him how to eat the bright colored veggies.

It's hard when my hubby comes home from school and we just want to relax in front of the TV and eat some snacks and the soda the in-laws keep on hand constantly.

It would be easier if I took a few hours each week to pre-make some meals to bring for the week.
But 2+ day old cooked chicken is nasty.
Veggies/fruit get nasty a few days later.

I'm just picky, have every excuse available at the forefront of my mind, and I see the numbers creeping up in my pant size, my shirts, and the scale.

On the plus side I still love my legs and my hair is the longest it's been since high school.
And I do go to the gym at work about twice a week which is more than I have done in the last 10 years.

So how do I start?
How do you begin the journey to being healthier and happier?

November 2, 2015

November already!

Seeing that we may get snow on Wednesday makes me want to call in sick, watch Christmas shows with Little Turbo, and drink hot chocolate by the window.

Instead I'll be at work, try to fit in the gym at lunch, and counting down the semesters until Cabe graduates (3 full and just over one month of one).

October 7, 2015

Used ta Could

An old friend from high school posted a picture of a bunch of us today on Instagram.
It is proof of many things:
1.  Clothes were baggier in the 1990's.  It was comfy
2. I really had no style
3.  When I say old friend I guess it's more acquaintance since I haven't seen any of them (minus the guy in the front that I dated which is a LONG story) since high school
4.  The bracelet I am wearing?  From a 25 cent machine at Allied Stores from when I was maybe 8.  I still have it and wear it from time to time.

What it mostly shows me is that I was at the gym when I saw the picture- I really need to get into better shape.

I have gained 10 pounds over the last month- that's bad.  Really bad.
I think it's the combo of Cabe being back in school, neither of us having much time to cook, the answer from insurance for a baby, and just being tired.

So I'm back at the gym, biking when I can in the evening, and cooking as much as possible.
I weigh about 20 pounds more right now than when I got married and probably about 45 lighter than high school.

I know it's mostly my diet.
The Pioneers did not work out like we do.
They were constantly moving though- farming, cleaning, cooking.
They kept busy and did not sit down to marathon Netflix binging (ahem, not guilty at all..... right).

So I have decided I can't hold still.  I've never been the type to sit down for long periods.  Movies drive me crazy.  I think this is why I am still not as heavy as some of my family- I like to be moving.

Case in point- my dad.  He's the only one I look like in the family coloring-wise.  And he can't sit still (except for war movies).  And he's in amazing shape for his age and looks at least 10 years younger than he is.  Acts much younger than that!

So as long as I keep moving, stop watching so much TV, and cook at home more than eating out, I hope I can start losing the "belly."  Wish me luck!

September 30, 2015

Helicopter vs It's Normal

Guess what- my parents let me walk to school by myself in kindergarten.
Wait, I take that back.  my older brother and sister were going to 2nd and 3rd grade at the same time so they walk with me to the school where we split up to our respective doors.
But kindergarten got out early so I walked home alone.

Our backyard faced the "catwalk," a little alley way that led from our neighborhood to the back of the school where the playgrounds are.  My parents would be waiting in the backyard on the deck, watching me walk home.

When I got to 1st grade through 6th grade I walked home for lunch.
It was not an open-campus as it is elementary but I loved going home, getting a good meal with my parents, and then I'd walk back over to the playground.

When I got home from school we usually watched cartoons from 3:30-4 or played Nintendo.  At 4 we went outside, ran to the middle of our circle to meet our friends, then usually rode our bikes around for a couple hours, driving through puddles created by the irrigation water that came down the street from the Visser's field.

We got dirty, rarely wore sunscreen (oops!), and wore flip flops while riding our bikes.
We had helmets that we wore when we remembered or mom/dad nagged us to.
We didn't have a cell phone to be contacted by our parents anytime.  (I'm still SHOCKED that 6 year olds have smartphones.  K I know they may be hand-me-downs from parents as their old phone but why does a 6 year old need a phone?? ).

Now with my son I get self conscious at the park.  My son is 3 and although he's on the taller end, he's still very cautious on the playground.  I stand near him in case he falls.  I stand near him so I can play too.
But I know what some moms are thinking- let the boy learn, let him fall, let him learn.
Well the playground even says for 5 and older. I know my son is a bit small for some of it and isn't ready to full on play by himself there.

I let him fall- look at his knees!  He trip on the grass and skinned his knee.  He slipped off his big-wheel bike and skinned his knee.  I don't stand right by him to prevent every bruise and scratch.

But when he's on the playground that is meant for older children I will stand by him.

I'm missing a lot of things with working full time.  So the time he spends at the park or playing I am not going to sit on my phone, gab with other mothers, or jog around the park while he plays.
I want to be there to kiss his scrapes, hear him get excited over climbing to the top, see his mad face when I ask if he wants to go down the slide (likes climbing up but not going down), and watch him learn from other children.

So I am not a helicopter parent and neither were my parents.
There are times to be right there with your children and others to be around but let them learn.
It's called normal parenting, the learning curve of a new parents, and loving your children.

September 29, 2015

Finally at that Point

Cabe and I have been married for 5 years this November.
The semester we got married Cabe decided to not enroll in college.  He just had a feeling not to and it turned out his sister had a very complicated organ transplant in October that took up most of our free time to support the family (and try to plan a wedding during all that as well).

But I came into this marriage being told he had just finished his sophomore year of college and had 2 years left.

Well with life comes complications and things that "get in the way."

Here we are, almost 5 years later and he has this year and next to finish college.  So Spring 2017.  As we're already starting to work on 2017 stuff at work it seems THAT much closer. :)

But being the year before his senior year most Chemical Engineer students start applying for internships for the next summer.  We have been looking forward to this for a long time as most of the time these internships comes with a promise of a full time job upon graduation.  Eek!

Last week was the career fair at the University of Utah (which by the way we totally SLAMMED Oregon last week and made national news for it.  Oh yeah!).  Cabe looked smashing in his pin stripe suit (another side note as today I am full of them- when we got married he only had his LDS mission suits so they were almost in shambles.  I took him straight to a suit store, having never been to one before, and got him a 3 piece pin stripe suit and a tan suit.  My man looks GOOD.  He's easy to shop for).  But he was able to hand out quite a few resumes, with a cover letter which apparently no other student was doing, and got to talk to at least 2 companies who were really interested.

I think he has now applied for about 5 internships.  We're getting really excited as we should know by January where we are going.  Another EEK!

So although we still have a bit under two years to go until I can finally retire to stay-at-home-mom world we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  And I'm trying to hold back my hyper-energy!

(Anyone who knows me knows I love to clean and organize.  Like LOVE it.  So the fact that I can see us moving in 1-2 years is it weird that I'm already organizing to make it easy to pack up? :))