April 24, 2015

How to live in a 2 Bedroom/1 Bath (part 1)

When we were first married we had a rather large 2 bedroom/2 bath condo, 2 car garage, big family room, decent kitchen.  Loved it!
Then about 2 months later we moved into married student housing.  2 bedroom, 1 bath, tiny kitchen/family room.  But it was cute and simple.  Loved it!
Then we moved into a 2 bedroom/1 bath basement apartment where we brought our Little Turbo home from the hospital.  It was totally 40's/50's still and I loved it!
Then we got the opportunity to move back into our original condo.  Lotsa space, I knew where I wanted everything cause I had lived there in my singlehood and our first couple months.

This last November, due to financial opportunities, we decided to move into my in-laws basement to pay off some student loan debt (the only debt we have, yea!).

We are now in technically 2 bedrooms and 1 bath.  I say technically cause Little Turbo's room is a real bedroom.  We are in a "playroom" with no closet (we converted a storage shelving area into a closet) and no window.
But the bathroom is a dream! Jetted tub, two cabinets of storage space, TONS of awesome lighting.

However we lost any storage space we had for sheets, food, laundry supplies, etc.
No family room (using the in laws as they don't come downstairs much) and no kitchen to ourselves.

We boxed up all of our kitchen supplies except our blender, toaster oven, and a can opener and put it all in our storage unit.

The only (big) things we brought were Little Turbo's dresser and toy chest (he is using his Daddy's old bed from when he lived with his parents) and our bedroom furniture (bed, dresser, bookcase).

Our bookcase is our food storage area and "sippy control station."
Our food we use every day is on one shelf in the in-laws pantry, part of a fridge in their garage, and a mini fridge in our bedroom.
We also have a microwave on top of the mini fridge.

We have had to really simplify things.
Unfortunately, in the cramped quarters, even when it's clean it still feels CLUTTERED.

A recent post on Money Saving Mom is my goal to declutter a bit with paper.
It seems we do hold onto everything- the birthday card we forgot to send but still hope to, the receipt to the blender in case in breaks, the paper bill for something that is auto-paid.
I love the advice of- if it were to burn down, what papers would you miss?
Or will you miss it in 25 years?

So this is my goal for this weekend- go through all those papers and use those questions to get rid of STUFF.

I would post pictures of how we are living but:
a. the lighting is BAD in there with no windows.
b. I did mention it is really CLUTTERED right?
c. I'm at work.  When I get home I doubt I can remember to take pictures.
d.  I'll post this now so I can get ready to leave work (hopefully) early.

It's a spring rainstorm along with thunder right now.

April 20, 2015

National Infertility Week

I am not infertile.
I am somewhat overly fertile.
But I have a problem that no one else I know of has- I'm not ALLOWED, SUPPOSED, or SHOULD get pregnant without discussing options with a medical personnel first.

My husband's disease is on the X chromosome.  If we have all boys we'll be fine and hopefully eradicate this disease.
If we have a girl- she will be affected and be a carrier.
Most likely need a transplant soon or some time after birth.

So we prayed for our little Turbo and got pregnant.
I had a "failed pregnancy" at 12 weeks.
About 6 weeks later we were pregnant again- this time with a very viable pregnancy and Little Turbo came 41 weeks later at his healthy 9 pounds.

He filled a spot in our family and has made us so happy.

We faced some issues with friends and family being concerned that we did this naturally and did not seek advice to make sure it was a boy.
But it felt right.

Now he is here and everyone loves him and supports us in our previous decision.

However, the desire to have more kids has some people really judging us, wanting to make the decision for us, and telling us how/what to to do.

As we would love to have a sibling for LT as he is almost 3 and talks about babies a lot- we know we have options that cost money, cost time, and we'll be getting a lot of "opinions."

1.  Use PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) to remove the gene from a fertilized egg or pick and choose only the male fertilized eggs.  Lots of risks involved and lots of $$$
2.  Use MicroSort where we can choose the male sperm to fertilize eggs, thus not having any X-linked chromosomes passed on.  Much more $ pocket friendly but not available in the US yet
3.  Do some intense praying (which we would do for every decision) and maybe go at it the natural way again

Option 4 is not really an option- it is something we had always planned on.
We want to and will adopt.  We would really like to adopt older children, possibly a sibling set.  We know a baby can take longer and these older kids need a family now- we can provide that once we are more established (aka not living with the in laws :)).

So though it may be National Infertility Month and I am not infertile- I still have similar struggles.
Each month wondering if I'm late could it be a blessing?
Could that blessing be a trial?

Then when it comes wondering if I'll ever be able to carry a child within me ever again.

Until all these options really start to be considered more seriously- we will enjoy LT and the blessing he is.  All of his spunk, opinions, dirty fingers and toes- love it all!

April 13, 2015

Easter Outfits

I have no pictures of us in our Easter outfits.

Easter Sunday was General Conference so we didn't have church.

We wore our Easter outfits to church yesterday.
Turbo did NOT want to wear his cute little suit (become quite defiant lately).
So we were late to church but made it!

Not 15 minutes in, the whole chapel silent, you hear a loud GASP from me.
Turbo had gagged on a fruit snack ALL OVER me, himself, and Cabe's side.

I turned to Cabe and said "just so you know, I'm going home."

Luckily the couple behind us said "we have 8 kids, we know what to do.  just go home."
And they cleaned it for us!  Turbo had only had apple juice and a couple bites of banana so it wasn't stinky.  but still!

We took this family cookies later.

So our Easter picture after church is non-existent.
Turbo's cute tan suit, my white beachy dress, and Cabe's tan suit with a matching tie to Turbo's.

I was laughing during it all anyway.
I had a rough weekend with work- after all that, this little incident- nothing.
Just another initiation into motherhood.

Good News and Sad News

Bad news: we have this house on our ranch property that was the original house.
We are so original and call it “the old house.”

Well it was built way back in the day- not sure how long ago but you can tell when electricity was added.  Early 1900’s maybe?

Mom and Daddeo walking to it

Well when I was tiny, maybe before I was born a moose trampled through it causing the floor to cave-in in areas.

Some of the original furniture was left (I stole the two coffee tables and LOVE THEM).
A lot of the windows have been shot out.
It still has the old well and coal shoot.

My bro and dad peaking into one of the bedrooms:

My sister just let me know we are leveling it next week.

It is dangerous- asbestos, lead paint, a tree fell on it a few years ago, and it floods every spring.
But I love that place.

Good news: Luckily my festival this weekend is small and easier.
So I’m going to go up with my family this weekend and take pictures and mementos.

I am almost teary to think about it being gone- my kids will never know it.

March 5, 2015

An Opportunity Gone

Most everyone at work is aware of the unique situation we are in for wanting more children.
This helps a bit as for such a small office we oddly have a ton of people who were adopted and have adopted children.

A manager approached me the other day with a situation with an employee who is scared and needed information on adopting out her soon to be born baby.

I felt my heart leap at the thought of getting a baby before we had applied for adoption, started saving for adoption, or were even ready (as we just moved into the in-laws and the crib is WAY back in the storage unit).

But deep down I know we're not ready- Cabe is still in school full time and I still work full time.
Not the best position to be in when we'd be putting the baby straight into being babysat (by family thank goodness but still) every day.

So although we can't adopt at this time- I still feel a small loss and a bit of hope for the family who does get this baby.

Someday we will have more children.  Just not this one.

February 23, 2015

Yoga. Again

I did Yoga for a second time.
After not liking it the first time (the stretch was great but the whole send bad thoughts to the earth is NOT my thing) I decided to try a different teacher.
I liked her!  Did more of a stretch, less weird verbiage, and it was more relaxing.

But I still want to try to really intense yoga on my off days from the XPress Toning Class (that kicks. my. butt.).

February 13, 2015


So before our early Valentine's Date last Saturday I took some funny pictures, trying to get LT to laugh at me.  Winnie the Pooh was on- mom not as cool during that time.

But anyway I instagram'd this photo:
Then I realized my middle photo looks a lot like a photo I put as my profile picture about 7 years ago as a joke of Amy Adams.
Boom- my Doppleganger!

Anybody else see it or just me?

I'll get around to posting pictures of our fantastic picture probably on Monday- Presidents Day which means schools are out and I can finally catch up at work without band/choral directors calling all day!

Happy long weekend to the rest of you lucky people (aka Cabe)