January 15, 2015


In our in-laws basement is a nice size family room that isn't used very often.
So Cabe and I decided we need to start using it to workout.

Went to Ross last night, got a gym mat for $10 that ALMOST fits both of us.
And LT decided it was awesome to take apart.

Put him in bed, now mom and dad can use it!

We went onto Amazon Prime and I typed in Pilate's and we did the first one we found.
I don't feel too sore today for it being my first time.
But man the stretching in those shows feels AMAZING.

And I've been doing all 5 flights of stairs at work 3 times in a row.
Then a walk around the buildings (probably just about 2/3 mile).

Now I need to just incorporate weights and I should hopefully see a difference in my body, right?

But it was fun to workout with him.  Fun to listen to who grunts the most at which exercise. :)

January 6, 2015

What I Should Have Resolved

For the new year a lot of my resolutions have been self improvement- 
eating healthier, moving more, spiritual study, taking more time to play with LT and Cabe.

What I should have resolved to do-
be more careful.

I have always been accident prone.
My first stitched at 9 months- split my lip open.
Next stitches- 6 years old, jumped off the couch and split my back open on an ice cream bowl (missed the first day of 1st grade for that one cause I couldn't wear real clothing).
I've cut my head open at work, many tiny scars from many good and not so good stories, and on.

So far this year- HUGE bruise on my arm from the dryer door and now today at work- stabbed my palm with a knife while cutting an apple in my attempt to eat healthier.

Take it as a sign to not eat healthier? :)

But in all these resolutions of shoulda done and did done did- I really just want to be happier and let some things go.

Moving into the in laws has taught me how to let some messes go- our place is CRAMPED and with a two year old and a 28-going-on-13 year old I just have to relax a bit more or we'll all go nuts.

So here's to a better year of relaxing, being calm, and trying to be a better person for myself and my family.

December 19, 2014


I decided this year I value homemade gifts more.
More thought, hopefully less money, and just fun for me as I'm not a crafty person but I love doing things digitally.

Last year I made my SIL and her family a picture of their name made out of objects- similar to this but I can't find my picture right now:

This year I decided to do the same frame (ikea) with my other SIL's last name out of license plates.
I wanted to do real license plates but then realized how long it may take me to find all the letters.  And time is valuable and I have so little of it!
So I found the letters online and made it that way:

Then Lucinda at work asked for her new name done (getting married next year- yea!)

Then I thought- another family member would love this in his den.  So I made one for him as well:

I really had fun with this!  
And it was neat to see all the old license plates in Utah.  History in the making of a name! :)

So although we didn't say homemade gifts this year for the sibling exchange I think this is way more fun and means more than a basket of a movie and snacks. 

December 16, 2014

Shed a Tear

Cabe constantly makes fun of how I never cried before I became pregnant the first and second time.

I didn't cry at his proposal.
I didn't cry at our wedding.

So when I do tear up now he just laughs at me.  I don't blame him. :)

We went to The Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert this last Sunday- it was actually the Music and the Spoken Word concert so they called it a "mini-concert" from the larger concerts the previous three nights.

I don't know if it was because my hormones were higher (not pregnant, just that time) or if it was just so sweet.

But it was the first time they have allowed little kids (five and older) because the Sesame Street Muppet's came.  So the sound of laughter, with little giggles, and the kids screaming out Merry Christmas!  without the adult voices- it was so sweet!
I teared up.

Then when everyone sang Christmas carols together- I teared up.

Then when the choir sang "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" I'm not sure how many people had dry eyes but mine (and Cabe's) certainly weren't!

We had two seats way up in the balcony but my parents, brother, and little niece had good seats on the mezzanine and this is the picture Grandpa caught of granddaughter before it all started- a bit excited!

My favorite part was when The Count sang the 12 Days of Christmas- enough with the birds already!

Of course it was really fun for everyone that Santino Fontana was the featured vocalist.  He was the voice of Prince Hans in Frozen.  Kinda reminded me of Zachary Levi who was Ryder in Tangled.  And I kinda have a small crush on him now.  He did so well!

After the concert we walked by the Macy's Candy Windows (tradition from when ZCMI did Christmas candy windows).  Much better than last year- and we were SO hungry at that point I could have broken in and eaten all of it!

I wish we had taken pictures with us in them- but Cabe is really not into picture taking of us.  Just scenery.  Whereas I believe you can buy the postcard for those.  You can't buy pictures with you in them!  Funny boy.

But it was a really fun concert to attend and we had a blast!

November 17, 2014


Accessories, accessories!
We've got your hats, boots, and gloves.
For all your fun in winter wear
Old Navy has it.. .something....

I started work at Old Navy right after I graduated high school.
I worked at ZCMI my senior year until the transition to Meier & Frank and things kinda went downhill...

I had been unemployed from about April -June and started Old Navy in late June.
I worked at about 6 locations for ON back in the day but mostly in the Salt Lake Valley or in Logan, UT.

I loved that job- I did mostly the logistics and operations for the shipments and preparing the floor for new displays.  LOVED IT.  So much I even had the SKU numbers memorized for the baby department for a while (I have a thing with numbers...).

I can't remember what year it was (and I won't disclose cause I look younger than I am) but it was Black Friday while I was working in Logan, UT.

Every store that year had an employee "audition" to be the store Elf.
No one auditioned in our store so my manager begged me last minute (as in "will you be the elf cause the district manager wants to know right now and he's outside the office door") to be the Elf.
Little did I know I had to tell the DM how I auditioned.
I vaguely remembered a song from the previous year for the ON ad's.
Hence my lines from above!
Can't remember the last line, can't find it in Google.  Your loss?  :)
(note, I am not featured on the CD from that year :))

Well the Elf's job was to watch the checkout lines- if they all got too long, and all registers are open, to entertain the people waiting.
I would wheel a ladder to the front, stand up on it and sing, play games (with prizes like coupons off), and just be a complete goofball.  Of course in a Santa hat.

Part of the job was to greet people on Black Friday when the store opened.
It was some awful hour, like 4am or 5am.
I'm a morning person so it was fine.
But still VERY dark outside and if any of you know Logan, UT in the winter BITTER cold.

I'm talking your windshield is frozen over on the INSIDE of the car, doors frozen shut, 5 degrees out but the canyon winds make it about -15 degrees.

Anyway...  My job with greeting was to hand out breakfast bars to the folks.
They were really good too- like apple crisp, banana bread, just super good.

I'm standing at the front,  in front of a table of their famous Performance Fleece shirts, and my manager goes to unlock the door.

People didn't come is as fast as I thought.
It was steady but not crowded.
Ha!  I shouldn't have thought that.
Within 15 seconds HOARDS of people are crowding in.
I'm trying to hand each person a breakfast bar.
I start falling backwards.  Luckily I had an assistant of sorts (gotta mention here my good buddies who were possibly there- Miquelle, Jessica, Than, Amanda, and many others!)
She held me up but then people were reaching into my bag to grab their bars.
I stand up and yell "if anyone wants the breakfast bar they will wait for me to hand it to them!"
I may be a petite gal but I am stubborn and fierce!
Then people obeyed.

And all this for $1 fleece scarves.

I still can't stand the smell or feel of their fleece.

So with this story in mind please remember as you shop next week that us workers- we're as excited as you are but we're also kinda scared.  Be nice and courteous or you might get the SMACK DOWN of a redhead. :)

*this is not a sponsored post though it should be for all the experience I had at ON back in the day!

November 10, 2014

Trying to Get Ahead

We are moving in about 12 days.  EEK!
So I went ahead and got our Christmas cards ordered and all addresses collected so I don't lose it all upon unpacking.

Here is our card this year:

Wish us luck in the insane, crazy, and blown up next couple weeks :)

November 6, 2014

Pucker Up

Food trucks have become all the rage here in Utah (I assume in every other state as well).

It's almost a competition in our office to see who has been to the better ones or the most.

This week we have had two trucks come to our office buildings.

The first was Waffle Luv.  Amazing liege waffles, the thickest sweetest whipped cream, fresh berries, and on and on!  REALLY rich and sends you into a sugar coma after but worth it.
I get the only one I am not allergic to- waffle, cream, and raspberries.  Amazing.

Then today we were surprised that Chow Truck came across the street.
My co-worker Rachel bragged that it was amazing rice bowl with a few different meats or veggies.
Got out there- no rice to be found.
Asian tacos, salads, and sliders.
I tried the coconut-lemon grass chicken and also the calamari.
The chicken was okay, not my favorite.  The calamari was really good.

HOWEVER the best was these little lemon slices on the calamari.
Thinly sliced lemons, grilled with salt, laying on top you would think as a garnishment.
I decided to try one- the best little snack I think I've ever had!  I was even tempted to eat the rind, it was so good.

They also had some fancy chips they called Asian Spiced Root Chips that Rachel said are good.
I'll have to try them next time

One of my favorite food trucks ever was Green Apple Juice Co.
Based out of a little farmer's market store in the area my dad grew up in it's an amazing fresh juice and smoothie truck (with some food as well).  I always like to get a juice with fresh beet juice with anything else.  

Utah really has an amazing food scene that so few people know about.
On our honeymoon we were in Palm Springs in the middle of November (when only old people were there.  Which made it kind of fun!) people we met were so surprised we were from Utah and willing to eat sushi and other "odd" food items.

I hope to convert a lot of people to the food scene in Utah.
It's amazing!